Vintage Violet

February 24, 2008

Non-buyer’s Remorse

In January I fell in love with a pair of black Chloé paddington boots I found in a vintage store on Armitage Ave. in Chicago. They were gorgeous, they were real, and I discovered later, they are also discontinued. The boots cost only $300, but I was in a phase of being responsible with my money and did not purchase.
It’s been almost 2 months since and I still cannot get those beauties out of my head.
While I will eventually get over it and possibly even find a better pair of boots, I will never forget them. I will forever wonder where those heels would have traveled, what outfits they would have been a part of, and what kind of compliments I would have received. (Seriously, these boots are that good.)
Although my friend Erin reminds me they did not exactly fit, I know in my heart if I just pushed a little harder and wore them a few days they would have eventually stretched.
Though one should always be mindful of his or her expenses, if you love an item, buy it. While buyer’s remorse will give you anxiety for a few hours, non-buyer’s remorse will leave you curious for the rest of your life.

As for me, I’m apprehensive to make the purchase online, because I question authenticity. But if by any chance Paulo Melim Andersson happens to read this and is feeling charitable, know there is a fashion-hungry girl in Jersey hoping for donations.


Photo courtesy of 128 Good Brands.



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