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April 10, 2008

Vintage brings families together

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I have obtained a lot of my family’s old clothes over the years. However, I have never asked whether or not I could use it or what the story was behind them. My dad saw me wearing one of his old sweaters the other day and just broke out into a story about it. So I decided to ask about some of my other favorite items. It turned out to be a real bonding experience, especially because my mom and grandmother passed away a few years ago and it gave us the opportunity to remember them at their finest- in platforms and fur.

So here are some of my favorite vintage items that have never been abandoned on a store shelf. They may have spent a few years in the attic or had new trends out shine them, but they always stayed in the family.

The sweater that started it all.
“I bought that sweater in 1969. I just thought it was a fashionable sweater then. I just wore it in high school. I wore it on dates. I think I was working at a movie theater then, as an usher. It was a very expensive sweater, $75. I bought it in Willingboro Plaza at a place called Standford Reed.”
I like to wear it…with everything. It’s probably my favorite piece of clothing. First, it’s wool, warm, and uber comfy. It also works well with a lot of other pieces. But most of all, it reminds me of my dad. I do a lot of traveling, therefore get homesick a lot and curling up in this thing feels like a big hug.

“I embroidered that shirt in 1973 or 74. I was dating a girl at Trenton State College. I think she bought me the shirt and taught me how to embroider it. She lived in an all girls dorm. Back then they had streakers in college that use to run naked through the parking lot. It’s just a sign of piece and happiness. Nothing special.”
This denim shirt can be difficult to pull off without looking like a soccer mom. The best ensemble I’ve created with it is short spandex, sandals, and a red bandana with white polka dots.

“I would go back to 1977 or 78. You remember John Travolta and disco dancing. I donno where she bought them or if I bought them for her. We use to go to, at that time they use to have dances at fire houses, actually the fire house there in Masonville, but even guys were wearing platform shoes back then.”
I mentioned these babies in a previous post about my top ten favorite vintage movies. I wore them once when I was Sandy for Halloween. My feet have never recovered.

“I bought that, that was expensive, I bought that the same place as the sweater. It was unusual because of the color. That was probably 1971 when I was getting ready to graduate high school and I wore it everywhere. I think that was like $175.”
I’ve never worn this and doubt I could ever pull it off. But it’s fun to look at.

“Another fur coat. She always wore them to church. She went to the Fountain of Life in Burlington.”
I love this one, because it’s from Paris and I just imagine granny draped in it during WWII. I’m not sure what kind of fur it is, but I’m guessing fox. The few times I’ve worn it have been difficult. My grandmother was petite, but very top heavy. I’m the opposite (the boob gene skipped me). So the sleeves are way too short and the rest is way too big, not exactly flattering. It still makes me feel luxurious.

“The rabbit coat. That was your mother’s coat. I donno where she got that at, but she did wear it out on dates or if we were going somewhere special with another couple.”
I just think this coat is very glam. I’ve worn it with skinny jeans and flats. I wore it once to a club, but was nervous all night about losing it. Plus have bunnies and it makes me feel bad.



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