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April 10, 2008

Vintage brings families together

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I have obtained a lot of my family’s old clothes over the years. However, I have never asked whether or not I could use it or what the story was behind them. My dad saw me wearing one of his old sweaters the other day and just broke out into a story about it. So I decided to ask about some of my other favorite items. It turned out to be a real bonding experience, especially because my mom and grandmother passed away a few years ago and it gave us the opportunity to remember them at their finest- in platforms and fur.

So here are some of my favorite vintage items that have never been abandoned on a store shelf. They may have spent a few years in the attic or had new trends out shine them, but they always stayed in the family.

The sweater that started it all.
“I bought that sweater in 1969. I just thought it was a fashionable sweater then. I just wore it in high school. I wore it on dates. I think I was working at a movie theater then, as an usher. It was a very expensive sweater, $75. I bought it in Willingboro Plaza at a place called Standford Reed.”
I like to wear it…with everything. It’s probably my favorite piece of clothing. First, it’s wool, warm, and uber comfy. It also works well with a lot of other pieces. But most of all, it reminds me of my dad. I do a lot of traveling, therefore get homesick a lot and curling up in this thing feels like a big hug.



Furniture store with hidden vintage treasures

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The Painted Cottage in Collingswood, NJ has beautiful furniture by Valerie Boothroyd, but they also have some great clothes. After you maneuver yourself around Boothroyd’s shabby chic creations, go upstairs. At first I thought I was not allowed, but I’m glad I was a little risky.

They don’t have many vintage clothing pieces, but what they do have is fantastic. The cottage offers vintage gowns, lingerie, and children’s clothes. Everything is laying perfectly across beds or hung on racks like they are just for decoration. But you can purchase these items and they would make a great addition to anyone’s closet.

Walking around that attic like bedroom, I had deja vu Pretty in Pink moments.

Photo from The Painted Cottage website.

April 4, 2008

Lee Miller Exhibit

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If you want to see some beautiful fashion photography from the 20’s to 40’s, visit Lee Miller’s exhibition currently at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

I wrote a review of the collection for The Whit. Information about Miller, the exhibition, and the museum can be found there. “Photo legend Lee Miller’s work at Philly Museum”

“The Neck” by Man Ray or Lee Miller? Photograph courtesy of the Victoria and Albert Museum.

April 2, 2008

Vintage Hair

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I always wondered how every woman from the 40’s had flawless hair. Tiki Savage presents a lesson in 40’s hair by Amanda, The Queen of Vintage. I’m not sure if she’s cheating with the rollers, but whatever gets the job done.

April 1, 2008

The art of bargain

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I am horrible at bargaining. Usually I only bother purchasing things that are already priced right and wouldn’t dare question a pricing for fear of rejection.

In fact, I would venture to say the only time I ever bargain is when an item is not priced, I ask, the price is too high, so I silently put the item back. Usually vendors see this as me playing “hard to get” with their merchandise and quickly work something out.

While my accidental method may work sometimes, I really want to learn the art of bargaining from a professional.

Anyone have tips are methods to having a person lower his or her price of merchandise?

How to Bargain and Haggle Your way to Great Deals at Consignment Stores: Here is an article about bargaining by Christa Weil, author of Secondhand Chic. I am trying to contact her for a Q&A, but there is something funky going on with her website. Ms. Weil if you read this and are interested please contact me.

A day in Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market, NYC

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I currently visited Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market on W 39th Street between 9th and 10th Avenue in New York City.

After viewing the slide show, check out these sites for more information on:

March 27, 2008

Can’t afford designer vintage? Rent it.

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While one can dress right without designer threads, wearing them can give one a certain swagger. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have enough money to buy designer or enough status to get it for free. Well if you can’t buy it, now you can rent it.

Bag, Borrow, or Steal rents out designer jewelry and handbags ranging from $17 to $150 a week. They offer over 2,000 handbags from clutches to totes and Prada to Pucci. Their vintage collection includes some iconic 60’s handbags.

My pick: 1960s Hermes Vintage Crocodile Kelly Bag.


Great 40s vintage

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Ever since I watched The English Patient, The Good German, and Black Book (Zwartboek) a few weeks ago I have been really into 40’s fashion. Everything seems to come with a hat or a veil, it’s a lot of fun.

Sydney’s Vintage Clothing online store has a great selection of 40s vintage as well as all the other decades. Plus, the prices are very reasonable.

With this site anyone can look like Carice van Houten. Well, everyone can try at least.

Save New Orleans

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To all my loyal readers (if I have any) or for those just stopping by: I have not been posting for the last week and a half, because I was in New Orleans for Spring Break doing relief work. Yes, I know this post has nothing to do with vintage clothing or fashion at all. But it is something very important to me and I hope you will take time to consider it.

Click “View All Images.”

The French Quarters are open, the Saints are playing in the Superdome, and Bourbon Street is lively as ever, but New Orleans is still suffering. Thousands of houses are still marked by x’s that were spray painted on during search and rescue to identify the date first entered, the organization that entered, and any dead bodies found a few weeks after the levees broke.

The Lower 9th Ward, perhaps the most devastated area, is almost obsolete. All that remains are a few return residents in FEMA trailers, crumbled houses, and debris.

Luckily, people do want to come back and several volunteer organizations are working to get them back home. Volunteers make up 70% of the relief work in New Orleans and the people of this city are the most gracious and optimistic I have ever met.

What can you do?

As much as possible. Donate, spread the word, or go down for yourself! Here are some links to organizations working to relieve New Orleans. Every little bit counts, so just give your little.

Make it Right: Brad Pitt’s organization building 150 houses in the Lower 9th Ward.

Hands on New Orleans: Provides housing, food, work, and transportation for $20 a day.

ACORN: Get their red shirts!

Xavier: This is the school I volunteered with. I’m not sure how our team leader set it up, but I would just call. The school administration are really nice and hospitable.

March 12, 2008

Spring/Summer 08 Kate Moss line

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Kate Moss’s Spring/Summer 08 line for Top Shop launches March 18. But you can get a sneak peak right now at Kate Moss Topshop.

She was inspired by travel (Ibiza-India), Aztec, and the 1940s. It looks like her designs really range in this collection, everything from boho to chic, not “boho-chic.” That phrase is so dumb. But I am really excited for some online shopping.

When will Topshop come to Jersey?

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