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December 11, 2008

Consignment Couture

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I recently wrote an article about shopping at consignment shops to save money over the holidays. The article is Couture? Sure.

There are some great styling tips from Chery Ann Wadlington of Evoluer image consulting, as well as a list of great consignment stores in the South Jersey area. You would be surprised the treasures I found.


February 15, 2008

Southern NJ’s First Vintage Clothing Blog!

Favorite Vintage HatThis site is a directory of all things vintage in southern New Jersey. I will post the location of stores, their personal repertoire, biographies about the owner, and a slight history lesson about the business.
Further more, I want to hear from you! What is your favorite vintage store in the area, favorite vintage item, and personal style creations with vintage clothes? This site is to help form connections for people who love vintage. Maybe find the history of your favorite pair of black leather boots from the 1950’s. Meet the original owner and ask about where those heels have traveled.
I will also post informative articles about subjects such as fabric durability, designer characteristics, and vintage events in the NJ area by other media outlets such as Vogue
or the New York Times and by myself.
As a practicing journalist I promise nothing but accuracy and timeliness in my articles. I have a few ideas as to what I wish to report on, but what would you like to learn about. I will do my best to investigate and report back.
I encourage you to send your articles, opinions, and feedback. You are the agenda-setter in this medium!
I hope you enjoy Vintage Violet and look forward to learning more about your vintage veneer!
Bobbi Lee Hitchon

Store Bio

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I will list address, contact information, and a short bio about all southern New Jersey vintage stores. To look up stores visit Directory of Stores page.

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